About Us

   Strict Baptist churches trace their origins in England to about the year 1633. In Bedfordshire they were influenced by the life and work of John Bunyan. They are often called “Particular Baptists”, meaning they believe that the salvation of the Lord Jesus was for a particular or distinct people, and not general for all mankind. “Strict”, a constriction of “restricted”, means that the Lord’s Supper is restricted to those who have been baptised by immersion and united in church membership.

     “Bethel” was built in 1906, but a previous chapel stood on the same site. Our Pastor, Mr. B. A. Ramsbottom, commenced in his office in 1967, and has thus been with us for over 50 years, and his pastorate has been the witness of an increasing congregation. The chapel, which seats up to 200, is usually fairly full on Sunday mornings, but we have never yet turned away a visitor, even if it means our usual congregation giving up their normal seats.

    Services are relayed into the schoolroom behind the chapel for the sake of parents with young children and others who for whatever reason prefer not to sit in the chapel.  A hearing aid loop system is in operation in the chapel and the schoolroom.

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